2013-14 NCAC Academic Honor Roll Announced

2013-14 NCAC Academic Honor Roll Announced

A total of 637 student-athletes have been named to the inaugural NCAC Academic Honor Roll.

The honorees were selected from all 10 full-time institutions and one affiliate member. Each full-time institution had 30 or more student-athletes named to the academic honor roll for an average of 63 student-athletes per school.

To be honored, a student-athlete must be at least a sophomore on an active roster in a sport sponsored by the conference and hold a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.50 or higher.

The NCAC's inaugural class featured 186 seniors, 201 juniors and 250 sophomores.

Stephen  Anderson So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Niki Augustine So. Women's Soccer
Leanne Balster Sr. Women's Soccer
Jesse Battaglia Jr. Football
Andrea Brush So. Women's Tennis
Brad Burkley Sr. Football
Alison Buzzard Sr. Women's Soccer
Emily Byers Sr. Women's Soccer
Paul Cancilla So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Ari Capotis So. Women's Golf
Pat Cole Sr. Men's Tennis
Trevor Colvin Sr. Football
A.J. Crofford Jr. Men's Golf
Tori Delzer Jr. Women's Soccer
Katie Denning So. Women's Lacrosse
Garrett Devenney So. Men's Swimming & Diving
Kelly Dickson Sr. Women's Lacrosse
Andy Feikls Sr. Baseball
Kaitlyn Fromknecht So. Women's Basketball
Greta Hilbrands Jr. Women's Soccer
Kendall Hoffman Jr. Women's Basketball
Michelle Holcomb Sr. Women's Soccer
Brian  Holland So. Men's Basketball
Alexander Hurtuk Jr. Men's Tennis
Mia Izzo So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Chris Koryak So. Men's Basketball
Jimmy  Lasher So. Men's Golf
Andrew Miller Sr. Men's Soccer
Lauren Miller So. Women's Soccer
Ben Murray Jr. Baseball
Zack Palmer Jr. Football
Bryn Philibert So. Women's Soccer
Alex Porter So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Thomas Richter Jr. Men's Soccer
Miranda Santucci Sr. Women's Golf
Evan Schweitzer So. Men's Basketball
Andrea Sharfman Jr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Sarah Swartz So. Volleyball
Daniel Szekely Jr. Men's Soccer
Paul Teufel Sr. Men's Soccer
Bobby  Theiss Sr. Men's Basketball
Stefano Wach jr. Men's Soccer
Eric  Weyant Jr. Baseball
Sarah Wilhoit Sr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Hannah Zangara So. Women's Soccer
Eric Baumgardner So. Men's Lacrosse
Samuel Beech So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Katelyn Benson So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Logan Berlet So. Women's Soccer
Richard Brewer So. Men's Basketball
Sean Carlin So. Men's Basketball
Casey Cempre Jr. Men's Tennis
Benjamin Cole So. Men's Golf
Elizabeth Dalziel So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Ian Delahunty So. Men's Swimming & Diving
Karla Dixon Sr. Field Hockey
Emily Eiben So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Eric Fischer Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Brynn FitzGerald So. Women's Golf
Spencer Fronk Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Sydney Garverick So. Volleyball
Kristen Geary Jr. Women's Track & Field
Wendy Geslewitz So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Andrew Groff So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Rebekah Gunter So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Lauren Gustafson Sr. Volleyball
Mary Margaret Habel Jr. Women's Basketball
Claire Hamilton Sr. Women's Soccer
Andrew Johnson Sr. Football
Rima Jurjus Jr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Andrea Karl Sr. Women's Soccer
Patrick Keller So. Men's Basketball
Mitchell Keller So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Abby Kerbaugh Sr. Women's Soccer
Keara Kilbane So. Women's Soccer
John Krentz Sr. Men's Soccer
William Krentz Sr. Men's Soccer
McKenzie Kuhn So. Volleyball
George Kuntz Sr. Football
Emily Lamm So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Elena Lein So. Volleyball
Taylor Lindquist So. Women's Basketball
Alexander Longi Sr. Men's Basketball
Carlos Maciel Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Bryan Margaria So. Men's Soccer
Emily Marguerite Jr. Volleyball
Katherine McMahon Sr. Field Hockey
Jacob Meegan So. Baseball
Brian Myers So. Men's Cross Country
Whitney Powel Jr. Women's Lacrosse
Andrew Quinn Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Rebecca Rabb So. Women's Golf
Elizabeth Randolph Sr. Women's Soccer
Andrew Rich So. Men's Swimming & Diving
Julie Rooney Jr. Softball
Allison Scarlott Jr. Women's Soccer
Blake Schach So. Men's Soccer
Stephen Stitcher Sr. Men's Cross Country
Stephen Stitcher Sr. Track & Field
Emerson Thacker Jr. Football
Macey Thornburg So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Sarah Torrence So. Women's Swimming & Diving
John Williamson Jr. Men's Cross Country
Andrea Witte So. Women's Soccer
Conrad Wuorinen So. Men's Swimming & Diving
Brook Yewer So. Women's Track & Field
Alex Alfonso Jr. Men’s Swimming and Diving
Jillian Balser Sr. Women’s Track and Field
Brendan Bolander Sr. Baseball
Joe Buckley So. Football
Jack Burgeson Sr. Men’s Swimming and Diving
Sarah Burtenshaw So. Volleyball
Maggie Campbell Jr. Field Hockey
Logan Cash Sr. Men’s Soccer
Joe Collins Sr. Men’s Tennis
Beth Conley Sr. Women’s Track & Field; Cross Country
Meg Crowley Sr. Women’s Tennis
Chelsea Cutler Sr. Field Hockey
Nicole De Fries So. Women’s Track and Field
Elizabeth Dilbone Jr. Women’s Cross Country
Hannah Douglas Jr. Women’s Basketball
Caroline Emhardt Sr. Women’s Tennis
Megan Everhart Jr. Women’s Track & Field; Cross Country
Lauren Falotico So. Volleyball
Ty Frost Jr. Men’s Golf
Daniel Furman So. Football
Alex Gasaway Sr. Women’s Basketball
Paige Gooch Sr. Women’s Golf
Ashley Guevara Sr. Women’s Track & Field; Cross Country
Angela Hacker So. Women’s Basketball
Cory Hall So. Women’s Swimming and Diving
Megan Hannemann Jr. Women’s Track & Field; Cross Country
Dana Hayes So. Men’s Golf
Ben Hazen Jr. Men’s Soccer
Brian Heck So. Men’s Golf
Grace Hendrickson So. Softball
Collin Henry Jr. Baseball
Paige Henry Jr. Field Hockey
Thomas Hiller Sr. Men’s Swimming and Diving
Michael Hornak So. Football
Erin Horne So. Women’s Swimming and Diving
Nicki Inman Sr. Women’s Track and Field
Hope Jordan Jr. Women’s Cross Country
Beth King Jr. Women’s Track & Field; Cross Country
Allison Kirby Sr. Women’s Swimming and Diving
Ryan Konicek Jr. Women’s Soccer
Jonathan Krok So. Men’s Soccer
Lauren Krumwiede Sr. Softball
Hannah Lukemeyer Jr. Women’s Basketball
Kyle Mackey Sr. Men’s Track and Field
Duncan MacMillan So. Men’s Swimming and Diving
Maggie MacPhail Jr. Women’s Tennis
Eric Malm Sr. Football
Erin McGinnis Sr. Women’s Basketball
Stephen McMurtry So. Men’s Swimming and Diving
Cory Meixner Jr. Baseball
Andy Morrison Jr. Men’s Soccer
Heather O'Brien So. Women’s Track & Field; Cross Country
Stefanie Pavlick Jr. Women’s Cross Country
Jacob Pezzuto Jr. Men’s Soccer
Paige Powers So. Women’s Track & Field; Cross Country
Jennifer Ridge Jr. Softball
Ann Sarkisian Sr. Women’s Basketball
Chris Schoenfeld So. Men’s Soccer
Ellie Sheffield So. Women’s Track and Field
Maggie Steele Jr. Field Hockey
Jenna Stoner So. Women’s Basketball
Jeff Sustarsic Sr. Men’s Basketball
Nick Thompson So. Men’s Tennis
J.T. Timmer Sr. Baseball
Hailey Ware Jr. Women’s Lacrosse
Libby Warren Jr. Volleyball
Nick Williams Jr. Men’s Soccer
Julie Wittwer Jr. Women’s Tennis
Caroline Zadina So. Women’s Soccer
Bailey  Heinzen Jr. Field Hockey
Laila Almassri Sr. Cross Country
Emily Anderson Jr. Women’s Swimming & Diving
Brittany Baeder So. Women’s Soccer
Katie Barton So. Volleyball
Jenelle Bayus So. Women’s Golf
Jaren Bell Jr. Baseball
Natasha Blonsky Jr. Women’s Soccer
Patricia Bohls Jr. Cross Country
Logan Brewer So. Volleyball
Lindsay Brewer So. Volleyball
Rachel Buckley Jr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Anna Chicchinelli Jr. Women’s Soccer
Sarah Condon Jr. Women’s Soccer
Ashley Dillon So. Cross Country
Danny Essel So. Men's Golf
Tomoyuki Fujimoto Sr. Cross Country
Brendon James Sr. Football
Christian Kelley So. Men's Swimming & Diving
Danielle Latine So. Softball
Mark  Leone Jr. Baseball
Justin  Lonis Sr. Men's Basketball
Sarah Loyer Sr. Softball
Christian  Loyola-Padilla So. Men's Swimming & Diving
Tiffany Marchewka Jr. Women’s Soccer
Tierra Moore Jr. Volleyball
Emily Mortimer So. Volleyball
Jenna Nelson So. Women’s Soccer
Nicola Pedretti So. Men's Lacrosse
Matt Pozderac So. Men's Lacrosse
Austen Rekolt So. Men's Basketball
Jake  Savel Sr. Men's Lacrosse
Kailey Saywell Jr. Women’s Swimming & Diving
Hannah Schaefer So. Women’s Lacrosse
Abigail Staysa Jr. Cross Country
Ethan  Tope Sr. Men's Golf
Andrew  Torres So. Football
Christian Walker So. Football
Miranda Wright Jr. Softball
Brian Zilla Sr. Men's Soccer
 Daniel Akuma Sr. Men's Track & Field
 Elise Altschuler So. Women's Tennis
 Abigail Arace So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Zachary Arlia Sr. Men's Lacrosse
 Brandylyn Arredondo Sr. Women's Cross Country
 Derek Bauer Sr. Football
 Alexander Beckwith Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
 Andres  Benavides Jr. Men's Soccer
 Sandhya Bhasker Jr. Volleyball
 Kathryn Blake Sr. Women's Soccer
 Stuart Brown Sr. Football
 Cassandra Brumback So. Women's Track & Field
 Emily Bulik-Sullivan So. Women's Swimming & Diving
 Ansen Burr So. Women's Lacrosse & Women' Soccer
 Neil Campbell Sr. Men's Track & Field
 Grant Carney Jr. Men's Soccer
 Abigail Cheney Sr. Women's Cross Country
 Andrew Chevalier Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
 Jason Cinti So. Men's Golf
 Claire Cohen So. Women's Tennis
 Nicholas Connolly Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Desmond Dahlberg So. Baseball
 Logan Ernst Jr. Men's Soccer
 Jacob Fait So. Men's Golf
 Regan Fink Jr. Women's Cross Country
 Nathaniel Fox So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Ryan Funk So. Men's Swimming & Diving
 Percy Gates So. Men's Swimming & Diving
 Serena Glynn So. Women's Cross Country
 Katherine Goodwin Jr. Women's Cross Country
 Molly Goolman Sr. Softball
 Katherine Goulder So. Volleyball
 Peter Granville So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Shelby Gray So. Women's Basketball
 Susan Gurzenda Sr. Field Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
 Kyle Hardacker Jr. Baseball
 Jordan Harlacher So. Men's Golf
 Wade Heerboth Jr. Men's Tennis
 Jacob Hegge Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
 Andres  Herrera So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Maureen Hirt Sr. Women's Basketball
 Katherine Hoener Jr. Women's Soccer
 Madison Hoffman So. Women's Tennis
 Lauren Hoffman So. Women's Tennis
 Joshua Jacobvitz Jr. Baseball
 Allison James So. Volleyball
 Samuel Justice Jr. Men's Soccer
 Amber Kraus Jr. Volleyball
 Alyssa LaFrenierre Jr. Women's Swimming & Diving
 Samuel Lagasse So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Nicholas LaPoint So. Football
 Emma Levant So. Women's Track & Field
 Sydnee Lindblom Sr. Women's Swimming & Diving
 Olivia Lloyd So. Women's Soccer
 Catherine Lloyd Sr. Women's Soccer
 Hannah Lobb So. Women's Swimming & Diving
 Nathaniel Lotze Sr. Baseball
 Wesley Manz Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
 Ana  Maricic Jr. Volleyball
 Morgan McClure Sr. Women's Track & Field
 Colin McMahon Jr. Men's Lacrosse
 Kelly Menzel So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Kristina  Miklavic Sr. Women's Soccer
 Rei  Mitsuyama Jr. Men's Soccer
 Zachary Morrow Sr. Football
 John Nahra So. Baseball
 Molly O'Connor So. Softball
 Alexander Oles So. Football
 Julian Pavlin Sr. Men's Basketball
 Nathan Petrou Jr. Men's Soccer
 Natalie Plick So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Kaitlyn Power Jr. Volleyball
 Xavier Pugliese Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
 Kelsey Randhawa Jr. Women's Cross Country
 Megan Remillard So. Women's Swimming & Diving
 Molly Rubin So. Women's Basketball
 Kelley Russell So. Women's Lacrosse
 Dai  Shen Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Patrick Shevelson So. Men's Lacrosse
 Aisha Simon Jr. Women's Soccer; Track & Field
 Sean Smith So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Benjamin Steiner Sr. Baseball
 Corbin Stevens Jr. Men's Soccer
 Kerry Strader Sr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Benjamin Tanoff Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Haley Townsend So. Women's Swimming & Diving
 Michael Tuohy Jr. Football
 Robert Turlington So. Men's Tennis
 Alexa Vasios Sr. Women's Soccer
 Daniel Waters Sr. Football
 Anna Watts Sr. Women's Cross Country
 Zachary Weiner So. Men's Swimming & Diving
 Emily Weiner So. Field Hockey, Women's Lacrosses
 Samantha White So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Elizabeth Whittlesey Sr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Jenna Willett Sr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
 Mariah Williamson So. Women's Swimming & Diving
 Abigail Younger Jr. Women's Tennis
Christine Antonsen Jr. Volleyball
Aidan Apel Sr. Men's Soccer
Christopher Ayoub Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Samuel Bernhard So. Men's Soccer
Brandon Bertot So. Baseball
Sophia Brancazio Sr. Women's Track & Field
Gabriel Brown So. Men's Cross Country
Enzo Cabili Jr. Men's Soccer
Ian Campbell So. Men's Basketball
Jerry Choi Jr. Men's Track & Field
Samuel Coates-Finke So. Men's Cross Country
Megan Curiel So. Women's Track & Field
Calista Diehl Jr. Women's Cross Country
Madeleine Dunn So. Volleyball
Evan Finch Jr. Men's Track & Field
Michael Fiorillo Sr. Men's Lacrosse
Kate Frost Jr. Women's Soccer
Allison Gannon Sr. Women's Basketball
Michelle Gonzales Sr. Women's Cross Country
Phoebe Hammer Sr. Women's Lacrosse
Leo Harrington Jr. Men's Cross Country
Julia Harris Sr. Women's Cross Country
Luke Harrison Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Rhys Hertafeld Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Elaine Hinrichs So. Women's Track & Field
Robert Hull Sr. Men's Track & Field
Kristen Johnson Sr. Volleyball
Erin Johnson So. Women's Tennis
Alexandra Kahn So. Women's Tennis
Andrew Karlin Sr. Baseball
Sarah Kerwin Jr. Women's Cross Country
Zachary Kisley Sr.  Football & Baseball
Heewon Kwon Jr. Women's Lacrosse
Vanessa Lehmann Jr. Women's Track & Field
Austin Lewellen So. Men's Track & Field
Kendra Lian So. Field Hockey
Sarel Loewus So. Women's Cross Country
Callan Louis So. Men's Tennis
Kathryn Lucaites So. Women's Basketball
Carey Lyons Jr. Women's Track & Field
Liora Mael So. Women's Swimming & Divingming 
Machmud Makhmudov So. Baseball
Charles Marks Sr. Men's Tennis
Molly Martorella Sr. Women's Cross Country
Samantha Mater Jr.

Women's Soccer

Aaron McCartney Jr. Baseball
Robert McConkey Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Michael McDonald Sr. Baseball
Kelin Michael Sr. Women's Swimming & Divingming 
Megan Michel Jr. Women's Soccer
Margaret Miller Jr. Women's Track & Field
Erica Morelli Jr. Women's Track & Field
Louis Naiman So. Men's Soccer
Conor Narovec Jr. Men's Track & Field
Christopher Pickens Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Gavin Ratcliffe So. Men's Cross Country
Pearl Rivers Jr. Women's Cross Country
Dean Schapow So. Men's Soccer
Bronwen Schumacher Jr. Women's Lacrosse
Brenna Sheldon Sr. Women's Tennis
Katherine Skayhan Jr. Women's Track & Field
Sydney Spiro Jr. Women's Swimming & Divingming 
Shavonne Stanek So. Volleyball
Katharine Stevens So. Women's Track & Field
Taylor Swift So. Field Hockey
Lauren Taylor Sr. Women's Track & Field
Evan Tincknell Sr. Men's Soccer
Sarah Trutner So. Women's Track & Field
Matthew Tunzi Sr. Men's Soccer
Alexander Wagman So. Men's Lacrosse
Benjamin Whitener Jr. Baseball
Sarah Willette So. Women's Soccer
Claire Yeske Jr. Field Hockey
Soren Zeliger Jr. Men's Tennis
Lonnie Barnes So. Men's Soccer
Sarah Bechtel Sr. Women's Track & Field
Colton Bloecher Jr. Men's Soccer
Colleen Bodee Jr. Field Hockey
Samantha Brooks Jr. Women's Tennis
Lautaro Cabrera So. Men's Soccer
Calvin Cagney Jr. Football
Kay Cantwell Sr. Field Hockey
Aaron Caputo So. Baseball
Chase Culbertson So. Men's Basketball
Justin Dages So. Baseball
Olivia Demeio Jr. Women's Track & Field
Matthew DiCesare So. Men's Soccer
Landon Erb Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Jennifer Erichsen Sr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Mason Espinosa Sr. Football
Nicholas Fowler Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Olivia Gillison Sr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Jessica Gooden So. Softball
Amy Greenwood So. Women's Golf/Track & Field
Margaret Greff Sr. Field Hockey
Meghan Guthrie So. Women's Tennis
Kevin Herman Jr. Football
Gregory Hock Sr. Baseball
Emily Julius So. Women's Basketball
Ryan Kaplan Jr. Men's Soccer
Alexa Katrinchak Jr. Women's Track & Field
Joseph Kinsley So. Men's Basketball
Claire Lofgren So. Women's Soccer
Abigail Love Jr. Women's Lacrosse
Nathan Madonich So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Macie Maisel So. Women's Golf
Emma Markey Jr. Women's Soccer
Dara Markus So. Women's Soccer
Ian McCaslin Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Venessa Menerey So. Field Hockey
Thomas Minkler Jr. Men's Lacrosse
Katherine Nunner So. Women's Soccer
Cameron Pappa So. Football
John Peranzi Jr. Men's Track & Field
Joyce Petersen Jr. Women's Track & Field
Kristie Prendergast Jr. Women's Soccer
Lindsay Reed Jr. Women's Soccer
Elizabeth Riggio Sr. Women's Soccer
Hannah Sampson Jr. Women's Cross Country
Meghan Schulze So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Sara Scinto So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Justin Seffernick So. Baseball
Tirion Sheafor So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Haley Sheafor So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Sarah Slager Sr. Field Hockey
Sarah Stachowiak Jr. Women's Soccer
Jonathan Stegner Sr. Men's Soccer
Karli Sturgill Jr. Women's Track & Field
Alexandra Webb Jr. Women's Tennis
Caroline Welker Jr. Women's Basketball
Benjamin Witkoff Sr. Men's Soccer
Carter Adams Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Wesley Adams Sr. Men's Track & Field
Doug Baker Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Adam Barnes Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Steve Batchelder Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Ollie Bauer Jr. Football
Kevin Bennett Sr. Football
Bryce Biberstein Sr. Football
Thomas Blaich So. Men's Track & Field
Dalton Boyer Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Patrick Carter Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Nate Chapman Sr. Football
AJ Clark So. Football
Eddie Cmehil So. Football
Evan Coudriet Jr. Men's Soccer
Michael Del Busto Sr. Football
Ethan Dove Jr. Men's Soccer
Ryan Guerrettaz Jr. Men's Track & Field
Brian Hayhurst So. Men's Track & Field
Ross Hendrickson Sr. Baseball
Houston Hodges Jr. Men's Basketball & Football
Ryan Horner Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Elliot Johns So. Men's Swimming & Diving
Nathan Klopfenstein Sr. Men's Golf
Charlie Kolisek Sr. Football
Steve Magura Jr. Men's Soccer
Billy McManus Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Derrick McQuiston Sr. Football; Track & Field
Dylan Miller So. Men's Swimming & Diving
JT Miller Sr. Baseball
Nick Minaudo So. Men's Tennis
Scott Morrison Sr. Men's Golf
Michael Nemeth Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Pete Nicksic Sr. Men's Basketball
Tyler Owensby Jr. Baseball
Daniel Purvlicis So. Men's Basketball
Mark Riffle Sr. Football
Nate Scola Sr. Football
Chris Shrack So. Football
Brock Smith Jr. Football
Paul Snyder So. Baseball
Chris Stazinski So. Men's Track & Field
Bryan Tippmann So. Men's Track & Field
Adam Togami So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Andy Walsh Sr. Men's Basketball; Football; Track & Field
Mason Zurek So. Football
Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
John Albertson Jr. Men's Basketball
David Barth So. Men's Soccer
Taylor Burmeister Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Becah Delp So. Women's Track & Field
Sarah Ellis So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Sara Ellis So. Women's Lacrosse
Allie Fisher Jr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Savannah Fox Jr. Women's Golf
Andrea Giaetto Sr. Women's Tennis
Kaylee Gialamas So. Women's Soccer
Jacob Haubner So. Men's Basketball
Megan Heitkemper So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Lillian Hill Jr. Women's Track & Field
Bryanna Jay So. Volleyball
Courtland Johnson So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Adam Kapuscinski Jr. Men's Cross Country
Shannon Kelleher Sr. Women's Country; Track & Field
Jeanette Klamfoth Jr. Women's Track & Field
Shelby Knapp Jr. Softball
Madeline Kraft So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Margaret Kramer So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Carrie Kubasta So. Women's Lacrosse
Shannon Lance So. Softball
Allie Lawwill So. Women's Golf
Zack Leahy Sr. Men's Basketball
Kim Loofbourrow Jr. Field Hockey
Megan Loofbourrow Jr. Women's Lacrosse; Field Hockey
Clay Mangen Jr. Football
Andrea Mattingly So. Field Hockey
Chris McCoy So. Men's Soccer
Zack Moore So. Men's Soccer
Francine Murzynski Sr. Women's Lacrosse
Ali Newton So. Softball
Kareem Oldham So. Men's Basketball
Adam Pitchel Jr. Men's Soccer
Laura Rose Sr. Softball
Rachel Ross Sr. Softball
Erin Rowell Sr. Women's Soccer
Kara Seidenstricker So. Volleyball
Mallory Skrobot Sr. Women's Lacrosse; Field Hockey
TJ Smith So. Men's Lacrosse
Rachel Steiner Jr. Women's Golf
Corey Stump Jr. Football
Callan Swaim So. Volleyball
Lindsey Swihart So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Alex Tatusko Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Winston Thomas So. Football
Alexey Topolyanskiy Jr. Men's Tennis
Paige Vanerstrom So. Field Hockey
Meghan Vodopich Jr. Volleyball
Nicole Waers Jr. Women's Golf
Sarah Webb So. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Wade Westbrook Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Mary Ann White Jr. Women's Lacrosse
Sarah Wilson Sr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Carolyn Wong Jr. Women's Golf
Harrison Wood So. Men's Track & Field
Andrew Ziminski   
Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Gabriel Abud Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Evan Albertson Jr. Men's Lacrosse
Erin Andrews-Sharer Jr. Women's Track & Field
Rachel Appleton Sr. Women's Swimming & Diving; Tennis
Lauren Buyan Jr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Marcus Carano So. Men's Golf
Kimberly Carter So. Women's Tennis
Elizabeth Chamis Jr. Track & Field
Melanie Chin Jr. Women's Tennis
Allison Chin Sr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Sharmeen Chinoy So. Women's Golf
Kelsey Clark So. Women's Soccer
Morgan Clark Sr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Bailey Connor Jr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Adam Coppock So. Football
Ian Crawford Jr. Football
Sheamus Dalton So. Men's Soccer
Albert Darling So. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Joseph David Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Simon Doong Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Anna Duke Jr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Matthew Ehrenburg So. Men's Soccer
Kasey Fiedler So. Softball
Ethan Flack Sr. Men's Lacrosse
Nicholas Flannery So. Football
Amy French Sr. Women's Track & Field
Anjela Galimberti So. Field Hockey
Tyler Gerwig Jr. Football
Gabriella Gilfoy Jr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Savannah Glidewell So. Women's Golf
Shelby Goldman Jr. Field Hockey
Daniel Gorzynski So. Football & Men's Lacrosse
Evan Hagedorn Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Steven Hagen Sr. Baseball
Tricia Hall Sr. Women's Track & Field
Lauren Hancher So. Women's Soccer & Women's Basketball
Adam Hansell Sr. Men's Soccer
Christina Haupt Sr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Rachelle Herrin Jr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Alexander Hopkins So. Men's Soccer
Ashley Huddson Jr. Women's Track & Field
Morgan Hughes Jr. Women's Swimming & Diving
Jonathan Huisel Sr. Baseball
Rachel Huxhold So. Women's Basketball
Kathleen Jackson Jr. Women's Track & Field
Devin Johns Sr. Women's Track & Field
Kara Johnson Sr. Women's Track & Field
Carly Joliat So. Women's Soccer
Lois Kimmel So. Volleyball
Lauren Klingshirn Sr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Kyle Koemm Sr. Men's Swimming & Diving
John Koniarczyk Sr. Men's Soccer
John Lanz Jr. Men's Track & Field
Jocelyn Lion Jr. Women's Track & Field
Brian Maddock Jr. Men's Swimming & Diving
Derrick Marshall Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Dylan McCreary So. Baseball
Megan McGinley Jr. Field Hockey
Aaron McKee Sr. Men's Soccer
Mason Mendenhall Jr. Men's Track & Field
Lily Mohre So. Women's Soccer
Zachary Moore So. Football
Caroline Mount Jr. Field Hockey
Paris Nahas So. Track & Field
Matthew Naticchia Sr. Men's Soccer
Ethan Nichol So. Football
Brittany Nicholson So. Volleyball
Jordan Parker Sr. Volleyball
Ashley Parry Jr. Women's Lacrosse
Skye Patterson Jr. Softball
William Pender Sr. Men's Soccer
Isabel Perman So. Field Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
Lincoln Plews Jr. Men's Track & Field
Jairaj Ranchod Jr. Men's Cross Country; Track & Field
Kristina Reck Jr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Matthew Reeder Sr. Football
Jonathan Rothman Sr. Baseball
Adrian Rowan Jr. Women's Cross Country; Track & Field
Alison Schlothauer Sr. Women's Lacrosse
John Schulz Sr. Men's Tennis
Kimberly Seidell Jr. Women's Soccer
Nicole Sever Sr. Field Hockey
Erica Skillman Sr. Volleyball
Lena Smith So. Women's Swimming & Diving
Michael Sokolich So. Men's Swimming & Diving
Joseph Stoffer Sr. Football
Shelby Stone Jr. Women's Lacrosse
Cal Thomay Sr. Baseball
Zoe Zwegat Sr. Volleyball