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NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships

The NCAA annually awards 126 postgraduate scholarships, 63 for men and 63 for women, in the amount of $10,000 to student-athletes who have excelled academically and athletically and are in the final year of intercollegiate athletics competition.

Nominees must maintain at least a 3.200 grade-point average and perform with distinction in varsity competition. The student-athlete must also intend to continue academic work beyond the baccalaureate degree as a part-time or full-time graduate student.

Year Men Women
2018-19 Nicholas Norman, OWU (M-Soccer)
Tommy McMaster, DEN (M-LAX)
Brooks McCoy, KEN (M-S&D)

Suzanne Peters, DPU (Volleyball)
Abby Wilson, KEN (W-S&D)
Hannah Orbach-Mandel, KEN (W-S&D)

2017-18 Titas Bera, WOO (M-Tennis)
Patrick Mohorcic, WOO (Football)
Lilah Drafts-Johnson, OBE (W-XC, T&F)
Emily Howerton, WOO (W-Golf)
Kelsey Trulik, KEN (Field Hockey)
Julia Wilson, KEN (W-S&D)
2016-17 Brian Allen, DEN (M-S&D)
Sam Clougher, KEN (M-Soccer)
Arthur Conover, KEN (M-S&D)
Trevor Manz, KEN (M-S&D)
Ian Reardon, KEN (M-S&D)
Campbell Costley, DEN (W-S&D)
Ellie Crawford, KEN (W-S&D)
Emily Kahlig, WIT (Volleyball)
Macy Hubbard, WIT (W-Golf) 

Alex Alfonso, DPU (M-S&D)
Nick Flannery, WOO (Football)
Percy Gates, KEN (M-S&D) 
Sam Lagasse, KEN (M-XC)
Alex Oles, KEN (Football)
Corey Stump, WIT (Football)

Katie Kaestner, KEN (W-S&D)
Hannah Lobb, KEN (W-S&D)
Haley Townsend, KEN (W-S&D)
Mariah Williamson, KEN (W-S&D) 
2013-14 Alex Longi, DEN (M-Basketball)
Jack Burgeson, DPU (M-S&D)
Andrew Chevalier, KEN (M-S&D)
Spencer Fronk, DEN (M-S&D)
Carlos Maciel, DEN (M-S&D)
Alex Gasaway, DPU (W-Basketball)
Maureen Hirt, KEN (W-Basketball)
Syd Lindblom, KEN (W-S&D)

Weston Kitley, WAB (Football)
Matt Martin, OWU (M-T&F)
Curtis Ramsey, KEN (M-S&D)
Tyler Sheetz, OWU (Football)
Ian Stewart-Bates, KEN (M-S&D)

Kelley Johnson, WOO (Volleyball)
Anna Connolly, KEN (W-S&D)
Leah Sack, KEN (W-LAX)
2011-12 Kale Booher, OWU (M-T&F)
Sharif Kronemer, OWU (M-XC)
Lars Markin, KEN (M-S&D)
Kevin McCarthy, WAB (M-XC)
David Somers, KEN (M-S&D)
Catie Baker, DPU (M-S&D)
Alisa Vereshchagin, KEN (M-S&D)
2010-11 Robert Carlisle, ALL (Football)
Michael Harmanis, OWU (M-Soccer)
Jeramie Parker, ALL (M-XC)
Mark Sullivan, KEN (Football)
Katie Navarre, DEN (W-XC)
2009-10 David Gatz, OWU (M-S&D) Kathryn Leech, KEN (Swimming)
Monica Schaffer, ALL (Soccer)
2008-09 Kyle Holliday, OWU (Basketball) Elizabeth Carlton, KEN (Swimming)
Kristen Hohl, DEN (Swimming)
Tracy Menzel, KEN (Swimming)
2007-08 Josh Mitchell, KEN (Swimming)  
2006-07 Sheldon Steiner, WOO (Baseball)
Rick Drushal, WOO (Football)
Pat Milikan, WAB (Football)
Josh Warren, OWU (Soccer)
Ben Chojnacki, OWU (Basketball)
Elaine Binkley, DEN (Cross Country)
Anne Young, DEN (Soccer)
2005-06 James Berger, KEN (Swimming)
Travis Brennion, KEN (Swimming)
Kyle Witucky, WOO (Basketball)
Sarah Wall, OWU (Soccer)
Colleen Wirtz, DEN (Soccer)
2004-05 Matt Schlingman, WOO (Basketball) Jill Boo, DEN (Swimming)
Sarah Peck, DEN (Swimming)
2003-04 Mark C.-Brooks, KEN (Swimming)
Skip Ivery, WIT (Football)
Jeff Krigbaum, OWU (Soccer)
Kayla Heising, WOO (Swimming)
Julie Hufnagel, DEN (Cross Country)
2002-03 Daniel Kiepfer, KEN (Swimming) Ashley Rowatt, KEN (Swimming)
2001-02 Jason Job, OBE (Golf)
Ben Whittam, ALL (Swimming)
Madeleine C.-Brooks, KEN (Swimming)
Kate Dunne, WOO (Field Hockey)
Kate Flikkema, DEN (Swimming)
2000-01 Lloyd Baron, KEN (Swimming)
Matt Churpek, OWU (Track & Field)
Brian Goldthorpe, DEN (Swimming)
Brett Holcomb, KEN (Swimming)
Nate Smith, ALL (Golf)
Erica Carroll, KEN (Swimming)
Amy DeVito, DEN (Swimming)
Neala Kendall, KEN (Swimming)
Katie Sprague, DEN (Swimming)
1999-00 Aaron Cole, DEN (Swimming)
Jon Dunham, DEN (Football)
Matt Mahaffey, WOO (Football)
Kathleen O'Connor, DEN (Swimming)
Rebecca White, KEN (Swimming)
1998-99 Jason Rusnak, DEN (Basketball)
Matthew Trumbull, DEN (Swimming)
Allison Edsall, DEN (Swimming)
Erin Hockman, KEN (Tennis)
Kelly Lotts, DEN (Swimming)
Dawn Reinhardt, WIT (Volleyball)
Rebecca Stanford, KEN (Swimming)
Marisha Stawiski, KEN (Swimming)
Anne Tuttle, DEN (Swimming)
Katherine Varda, KEN (Swimming)
1997-98 Kent Rafey, WIT (Football)
Justin Tomas, KEN (Swimming)
Kevin Vorenkamp, OWU (Soccer)
Robin Blume-Kohout, KEN (Swimming)
Emily Butler, DEN (Swimming)
Jennifer Erdos, ALL (Swimming)
Lisa Natzke, KEN (Swimming)
Sharon Sanborn, CWRU (Swimming)
1996-97 Casey Chroust, DEN (Basketball)
Warren Phillips, ALL (Track & Field)
Nick Reiser, ALL (Football)
Tim Richner, DEN (Swimming)
Derek Zurn, KEN (Diving)
Beth Belanger, KEN (Swimming)
Kristin Goldthorpe, DEN (Swimming)
Kelly James, WOO (Soccer)
Katie Petrock, KEN (Swimming)
Keri Schulte, KEN (Cross Country/Track & Field)
1995-96 Scott Schwartz, WIT (Basketball) Marcey Jacobs, DEN (Soccer)
Debbie King, WOO (Swimming)
1994-95 John Butcher, KEN (Diving)
John Cave, KEN (Swimming)
Steve Cullen, CWRU (Cross Country/Track & Field)
Jamie Harless, KEN (Basketball)
Mike Heithaus, OBE (Swimming)
Scott Meech, WOO (Basketball)
Alison Begg, DEN (Swimming)
Kate Comerford, KEN (Soccer)
Michelle Duffey, DEN (Soccer)
Leslie Kindling, CWRU (Track & Field)
Laura Moeller, ALL (Cross Country/Track & Field)
1993-94 Carl Erikson, OBE (Tennis) Nancy Moon, CWRU (Soccer)
Claire Roberts, WOO (Soccer/Track & Field)
Tasha Willis, KEN (Swimming)
1992-93 David DeWitt, DEN (Swimming)
Kevin Frye, DEN (Basketball)
Matt Medford, CWRU (Track & Field)
Jennifer Carter, KEN (Swimming)
Kelley Wilder, KEN (Cross Country/Track & Field)
1991-92 Jonathan Fortkamp, DEN (Football)
Darren Hadlock, ALL (Football)
Kevin Mills, KEN (Soccer)
1990-91 Jamie Meek, CWRU (Football)
Dave Stevenson, OBE (Swimming)
Becky Little, KEN (Swimming)
1990-89 Guy Genin, CWRU (Swimming)  
1988-89 Greg Hanchin, CWRU (Wrestling)
Chris Hutter, CWRU (Football)
Erin Finneran, KEN (Swimming)
1987-88 Grant Jones, DEN (Football)
Kevin Locke, DEN (Basketball)
Ann Osborne, OWU (Basketball)
Teresa Zurick, KEN (Swimming)
1986-87 David Craig, OBE (Soccer) Beth Biegelson, CWRU (Soccer)
Beth Welty, KEN (Swimming)
1985-86 Rob Danielson, DEN (Swimming)
Brian Gearinger, DEN (Football)
Dan Waldeck, KEN (Football)
Deborah Neil, KEN (Swimming)
1984-85 Chris Russell, KEN (Basketball) Krissan Mueller, KEN (Track & Field)