2018-19 NCAC Calendar of Events

2018-19 North Coast Athletic Conference Calendar of Events
August, 2018
4 Saturday IOA Football Officiating Clinic Ohio Wesleyan
6 Monday Golf Coaches' Meeting Denison
22 Wednesday Softball Coaches' Meeting Kenyon
23 Thursday Sports Information Directors' Meeting Columbus, OH
30 Thursday Baseball Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
September, 2018
12 Wednesday Swimming & Diving Coaches' Meeting  Denison
30 Sunday NCAC Student-Athlete Advisor Committee (SAAC) Meeting Denison
October, 2018
7 Sunday NCAC Athletic Directors'/Faculty Reps'/Sports Caucus Meetings Columbus, OH
8 Monday NCAC Athletic Directors Work Shop Columbus, OH
18 Thursday Tennis Coaches' Meeting Denison
26 Friday Cross Country Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Ohio Wesleyan
27 Saturday Cross Country Championships (M&W) Ohio Wesleyan
31 Wednesday Field Hockey Championship Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
31 Wednesday Men's Soccer Championship Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
31 Wednesday Women's Soccer Championship Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
November, 2018
2-3 Friday-Saturday Volleyball Championships TBA (high seed)
3 Saturday Field Hockey Championship TBA (high seed)
3 Saturday Men's Soccer Championship TBA (high seed)
3 Saturday Women's Soccer Championship TBA (high seed)
13 Tuesday Atheltic Trainers' Meeting Otterbein
December, 2018
3 Monday Field Hockey Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
4 Tuesday Volleyball Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
5 Wednesday Soccer Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Ohio Wesleyan
12 Wednesday NCAC Presidents' Council Columbus, OH
January, 2019
23-26 Wednesday-Saturday NCAA Convention Orlando, FL
25 Friday NCAC AD Meeting (at NCAA Convention) Orlando, FL
25 Friday NCAC Legislative Meeting (at NCAA Convention) Orlando, FL
February, 2019
3 Sunday Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Meeting Kenyon
13-16 Wednesday-Saturday Swimming & Diving Championships (M&W) Denison
19 Tuesday Basketball Championship Quarterfinals (M&W) TBA (high seeds)
22-23 Friday-Saturday Basketball Championship Semifinals and Championships (M&W) TBA (high seeds)
23-24 Saturday-Sunday Combined Events Indoor Track & Field Championship (M&W) Kenyon
27 Wednesday Football Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
March, 2019
1-2 Friday-Saturday Indoor Track & Field Championships (M&W) Wooster
April, 2019
9 Tuesday Basketball Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Ohio Wesleyan
25 Thursday Tennis Coaches' Meeting Indianapolis, IN
26-28 Friday - Sunday Tennis Championships (M&W) Indianapolis, IN
27-28 Saturday-Sunday Combined Events Outdoor Track & Field Championship (M&W) Oberlin
May, 2019
1 Wednesday Men's Lacrosse Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
1 Wednesday Women's Lacrosse Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
2 Thursday Softball Coaches' Meeting TBA (tournament site)
2 Thursday Track & Field Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Kenyon
2 Thursday Golf Coaches' Meeting Westbrook C.C., Mansfield, OH
3-4 Friday - Saturday Outdoor Track & Field Championships (M&W) Kenyon
3-4 Friday - Saturday Softball Tournament TBA (high seed)
3-5 Friday - Sunday Men's & Women's Golf Championship Westbrook C.C., Mansfield, OH (DPU)
4 Saturday Men's Lacrosse Championship TBA (high seed)
4 Saturday Women's Lacrosse Championship TBA (high seed)
5 Sunday Men's Lacrosse Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
6 Monday Women's Lacrosse Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
9-11 Thursday - Saturday Baseball Championship Chillicothe, OH
20 Monday NCAC Mental Health Symposium Ohio Wesleyan
21-22 Tuesday - Wednesday NCAC Annual Meetings Ohio Wesleyan