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2019-20 NCAC Calendar of Events

2019-20 North Coast Athletic Conference Calendar of Events (printable PDF)
August, 2019
3 Saturday IOA Football Officiating Clinic Ohio Wesleyan
6 Tuesday Golf Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Ohio Wesleyan
19 Monday Softball Coaches' Meeting Kenyon
20 Tuesday Baseball Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
22 Thursday Sports Information Directors' Meeting Columbus, OH
28 Wednesday Swimming & Diving Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Denison
September, 2019
6-7 Friday-Saturday NCAC/MIAA Volleyball Crossover Lansing, MI
29 Sunday NCAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
October, 2019
6 Sunday NCAC Athletic Directors'/Faculty Reps' Meetings Columbus, OH
7 Monday NCAC Sports Caucus Meeting Columbus, OH
17 Thursday Tennis Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Denison
November, 2019
1 Friday Cross Country Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Wabash
2 Saturday Cross Country Championships (M&W) Wabash  
6 Wednesday Field Hockey Championship Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
6 Wednesday Men's Soccer Championship Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
6 Wednesday Women's Soccer Championship Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
8-9 Friday-Saturday Volleyball Championship TBA (high seed)
9 Saturday Field Hockey Championship TBA (high seed)
9 Saturday Men's Soccer Championship TBA (high seed)
9 Saturday Women's Soccer Championship TBA (high seed)
TBA TBA Atheltic Trainers' Meeting Oberlin
December, 2019
3 Tuesday Volleyball Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
4 Wednesday Soccer Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Ohio Wesleyan
5 Thursday Field Hockey Coaches' Meeting Denison
11 Wednesday NCAC Presidents' Council Meeting Ann Arbor, MI
January, 2020
22-25 Wednesday-Saturday NCAA Convention Anaheim, CA
25 Friday NCAC AD & Legislative Meetings (at NCAA Convention) Anaheim, CA
February, 2020
2 Sunday Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Meeting Denison
12-15 Wednesday-Saturday Swimming & Diving Championships (M&W) Denison
22-23 Saturday-Sunday Combined Events Indoor Track & Field Championship (M&W) Oberlin
25 Tuesday Basketball Championship Quarterfinals (M&W) TBA (high seeds)
26 Wednesday Football Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
28-29 Friday-Saturday Basketball Championship Semifinals and Championships (M&W) TBA (high seeds)
28-29 Friday-Saturday Indoor Track & Field Championships (M&W) Denison
April, 2020
14 Tuesday Basketball Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Ohio Wesleyan
23 Thursday Tennis Coaches' Meeting (M&W) TBA
24-26 Friday-Sunday Tennis Championships (M&W) Denison & Kenyon
25-26 Saturday-Sunday Combined Events Outdoor Track & Field Championship (M&W) Oberlin
29 Wednesday Men's Lacrosse Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
29 Wednesday Women's Lacrosse Semifinals TBA (high seeds)
30 Thursday Softball Coaches' Meeting TBA (tournament site)
30 Thursday Track & Field Coaches' Meeting (M&W) TBA
30 Thursday Golf Coaches' Meeting (M&W) Westbrook C.C., Mansfield, OH
May, 2020
1-2 Friday-Saturday Outdoor Track & Field Championships (M&W) Oberlin
1-2 Friday-Saturday Softball Tournament TBA (high seed)
1-3 Friday-Sunday Men's & Women's Golf Championships Westbrook C.C., Mansfield, OH (WAB)
2 Saturday Men's Lacrosse Championship TBA (high seed)
2 Saturday Women's Lacrosse Championship TBA (high seed)
4 Monday Men's Lacrosse Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
4 Monday Women's Lacrosse Coaches' Meeting Ohio Wesleyan
7-9 Thursday-Saturday Baseball Championship Chillicothe, OH
18-19/19-20 Mon.-Tues./Tues.-Wed. NCAC Annual Meetings Columbus, OH